Its always Taco time!

The celebration of mexico's vibrant history and culture.

From the bustling city center to the charming outskirts, Milan has fallen for the allure of Tacomas. Experience the love affair with Mexican cuisine that has taken root in every nook and cranny of the city, inviting you to share in the joy of delicious food and joyous festivities.


Our interior is carefully curated to reflect the liveliness and warmth of Mexican culture. You’ll find captivating murals depicting scenes from Mexico’s rich heritage, while rustic furnishings add a touch of charm to the overall setting. The combination of vivid decor and cozy seating arrangements sets the perfect stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

When life gives you lemons, grab salt & tequila!

Our inviting bar stands as a testament to our dedication to all things Mexican. Sip on the finest tequilas and indulge in handcrafted margaritas that will transport you to the sun-kissed agave fields of Jalisco. Let our skilled mixologists surprise you with unique and refreshing concoctions, making your time with us truly unforgettable.

Los chicos de la zona

new new david

David Blanco

David has lived in the vibrant land of Mexico, immersing himself in its rich culture, savoring the true essence of its flavors and traditions. Get ready to be dazzled by his extraordinary specialties and let yourself be carried away on a thrilling Mexican gastronomic journey!


Cristian Pitacco

Cristian, a passionate young chef, invites you to savor an enticing exploration of Mexican cuisine. At Tacomas, his culinary playground, he expertly crafts dishes that capture the essence of Mexico’s rich flavors and traditions. Get ready for a delectable journey as Cristian’s creations transport you to the heart of authentic Mexican gastronomy.

The vibes of Tacomas

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Let’s get spicy...
There is a new baby in town​

Welcome to Tacomas Baby! In the pulsating heart of Milan, a new restaurant concept is born that brings the essence of Mexico directly to your home.
We present Tacomas Baby, the new youthful and dynamic wing of the famous Tacomas chain! 🌮 🔥 💃

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The celebration of mexico's vibrant history and culture.

If you love the bold taste of Mexican cuisine and the effervescence of Milan, Tacomas Baby is the perfect combination for you. The brand stands out for two keywords: speed and character. Forget long waiting times, here every dish is an explosion of flavors ready to be tasted in no time.

Speed and Character

Designed for those who live at a frenetic pace but do not want to give up quality and authenticity, Tacomas Baby is mainly focused on take-away and delivery. Each dish is prepared with fresh and authentic ingredients, guaranteeing an authentic and inimitable gastronomic experience.


Milan, a city always on the move, now has a perfect solution for its inhabitants increasingly hungry for novelty and quality. If you are looking for the Mexican soul enclosed in a modern and sleek format, Tacomas Baby is your answer.

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Scopri Anche Tacomas Baby

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